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What do you like about living at Realife Cooperative of West St. Paul?
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"Squirrels in the attic were the last straw. Living in a Minneapolis duplex, I handled snow shoveling, maintaining gardens, cleaning up basement mold and the neighboring cats and dogs. But the squirrels in the attic were too much.

Realife means someone else will take care of “critters in the attic” and I have a lovely, convenient, and sun-filled unit with good neighbors and plenty of amenities. I enjoy the self-governance of a cooperative and the bird-filled yard and gardens. West St. Paul is a remarkably interesting, diverse place to live."

Claudia - A Member Since 2015

"Realife offers an active community with friendly caring neighbors and many social activities. Being a cooperative, we have the opportunity to own as well as help govern by being a board member or joining one of the numerous committees. With an excellent management team, the property is well maintained and financially sound."

Joe - A Member Since 2013


"Realife is an unusual name for a place with exceptionally friendly neighbors. My wife Elisa and I have lived here for almost 4 years now, and we continue to meet new residents and to make new friends.


Our neighbors look out for us and we try to do the same for them. We have found that our neighbors come from many walks of life and interesting backgrounds and interests. The Cooperative style of operating our own housing contributes to our feeling pride and ownership.”

Gary - A Member Since 2018

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"I grew up in a small village where you could walk down the street and greet everyone you meet. Not so in a city, but at Realife West St. Paul, you can greet everyone and feel comfortable doing so. Being an avid biker, living at Realife puts me in close proximity to bicycle trails. About 2 blocks south the ‘River to River’ bike trail is under construction to a web of trails all around the twin cities. Also, the staff here is wonderful."

Skip - A Member Since 2017


"Friends, sharing activities, an immediate response to maintenance needs, reasonable living expenses, and a great town around me. These are a few of my favorite things about living at Realife West St. Paul. It really is as good as promised.”

Jan - A Member Since 2016

"This May, I will celebrate my twentieth year here at Realife of West St. Paul. I’m so glad I moved here! I continue to meet so many special new members. This is a convenient location for shopping, restaurant dining, churches, parks and bus transportation."

Betty - A Member Since 2001

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